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Designed specifically to combat this, the Frugal Cup offers an environmentally-friendly solution for cafes and consumers seeking an alternative to non-recyclable disposable cups.
I refer to your news article "Overuse of tissue leads UAE-based teen to invent a frugal dispenser" (KT, July 11).
Observing that sustainable development mandates the efficient and frugal use of available natural resources including biodiversity, Naidu said, "a grave challenge we face today is the destruction of forests and the loss of species."
At least 20 people from the local area will be employed to run and manage production of the Frugal Cups.
"People who live more on the frugal side tend to be much more thoughtful and cautious about how they're using credit.
Despite his wealth, Chow maintains a frugal lifestyle, as reported by via on Wednesday, Oct.
RTE star Dermot Bannon reckons multi-millionaire Daniel O'Donnell will be "frugal until he dies".
It's not because she is frugal. She is streetsmart and wise in the ways of the world, that's it.
Interest in frugal innovation originating in the southern hemisphere of the planet, especially in India, has surpassed the status of innovation at the bottom of the pyramid since the early part of 2010.
Come on political commentators and the powers that be, pick up the challenge and instill fairness in our systems not rob the frugal to reward the less frugal (being polite).
Frugal Innovation, quoting Benjamin Franklin: "The way to wealth is as plain as the way to market.
Also highly recommended are the previous books in the series, "The Frugal Editor" (9781505712117, $17.95 pbk / $3.99) and "The Frugal Book Promoter, second edition" (9781463743291, $17.95 pbk / $5.99 Kindle).