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For good measure there is also some dietary advice, written in 1480, suggesting that the reader should "eat well, perhaps frugally."
Police said the former miner built up a cash nestegg by living frugally.
AN elderly widow who lived frugally in a modest two-bedroom flat stunned friends and relatives by leaving an pounds 11million will.
"He lived quietly and frugally, but very happily in a council house.
If they cannot run themselves efficiently and frugally how on earth can anybody think they are fit to run Britain?
He would be living frugally on state benefits and kept in a grimy underworld.
She added: "The parents would have saved to buy their homes and their cars and lived frugally. But the children will spend on credit cards and deal with the consequences later.
I had to live frugally and borrowed about pounds 10,000.
Mr Crowther said: "Mr Farrar lived off his pension and lived frugally. There was nothing to suggest that here was a man with money.
He continued to live frugally and when he died in January at 91 left a pounds 2,379,234 estate.
In an early reference to dieting, it suggests that readers should "eat well, perhaps frugally".
Every day my family was sinking and I had to admit defeat and say I've worked most of my life, lived as frugally as I can, yet we're consumed by circumstances.