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As reported, the ambitious plans will see a large area of currently unused and overgrown land on Snaith's Field, Bentley Wynd, cleared and planted with an array of fruitbearing trees and bushes.
The publication of Rist's play was supported by Die Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft (The Fruitbearing Society), a German literary society founded in 1611 in Weimar.
This increase in mirid population coincided with the major fruitbearing season of cocoa trees in the field.
Pine martens prefer mixed woodland with a variety of fruitbearing trees and it hoped a positive result will spur on further native woodland planting in the region.
It refers to the harvest, the time of fruitbearing that precedes the season of death and decline.
Writers use "the guiding images or ideas of servanthood, stewardship, fruitbearing, warfare, athletic contest, and pilgrimage, to convey their picture of the theological cosmos, to highlight the different moments of the Christian life, and to encourage certain dispositions and virtues.
By all accounts, the Poo-uli lives in an almost primeval rain forest, dense with an understory of fruitbearing shrubs, ferns, and leafy tropical plants.
Fruitbearing vines completely cover the ground by year 3.
Blueberry canes begin producing fruit after two years, and plants reach full fruitbearing capacity in about 5 years (they can live about 20).