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But during this discussion, fruitful in somewhat hazardous theories, the projectile was rapidly leaving the moon: the lineaments faded away from the travelers' eyes, mountains were confused in the distance; and of all the wonderful, strange, and fantastical form of the earth's satellite, there soon remained nothing but the imperishable remembrance.
The girl in the fruitful hat quickly seized her companion by the arm and whispered in his ear.
Them that looks finds,'" predicted Saxon, as they drew north out of Grant's Pass, and held north across the mountains and fruitful Oregon valleys.
Upon the whole, I began to consider of removing my habitation, and looking out for a place equally safe as where now I was situate, if possible, in that pleasant, fruitful part of the island.
Her application to a sober life and industrious management at last in Virginia, with her transported spouse, is a story fruitful of instruction to all the unfortunate creatures who are obliged to seek their re-establishment abroad, whether by the misery of transportation or other disaster; letting them know that diligence and application have their due encouragement, even in the remotest parts of the world, and that no case can be so low, so despicable, or so empty of prospect, but that an unwearied industry will go a great way to deliver us from it, will in time raise the meanest creature to appear again the world, and give him a new case for his life.
The other old man was not behindhand with some moral reflections on this fruitful theme, and both adduced a mass of evidence, of such weight as to render it doubtful--not whether the deceased was of the age suggested, but whether she had not almost reached the patriarchal term of a hundred.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Premier Haidar al-Ibadi stated, during his meeting today with Chairman of Iranian Tashkhees System Ali Akbar Hashimi Rafsanjani, that his visit to Teheran "achieved fruitful results", expressing hopes to "cooperate with all countries in the region".
Fruitful Durham will be there throughout today's Apple Day, demonstrating their hand-powered scratter (fruit-pulper) and traditional barrel press.
Grapevine's Fruitful Appeal has been launched with the backing of city solicitors Alsters Kelley.
Summary: The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs has organised an informal gathering with the media in order to maintain fruitful relationships with one of the most important strategic partners of the ministry.
One of the most important variables key to making the presidential dialogue sessions fruitful involves including major opposition figures such as Hamdeen Sabahy, Amr Moussa and Mohamed ElBaradie, to take part in the dialogue with the Islamists.
Summary: Muscat: This year has been quite fruitful for the Omani-Korean relations, Korean ambassador to Oman, .