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In Chapter Four, he defends interpretivism, which holds roughly that an item has (non-experiential) intentionality if it can be fruitfully predicted and explained by being treated as having intentionality.
Summary: JEDDAH: Second Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior Prince Naif, who is also chairman of the National Committee for Narcotics Control (NCNC), said the government plans to set up youth clubs across the Kingdom to give young men the opportunity to spend their free time fruitfully.
Duaij Al-Sabah hoped that the visit's outcomes be fruitfully reflected on bilateral cooperation relations, and in realizing concrete achievements that meet the aspirations of the brotherly peoples in the two countries.
I hope that relations between our countries will continue to develop fruitfully in a spirit of friendship and mutual respect," Putin concluded.
In this lusciously-illustrated volume published in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Stuppy (seed morphologist, Millennium Seed Bank Project, RBGK) and Kesseler (Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, UK) fruitfully combine full-page and other photographs of such exotic fruits as Buddha's hand, cashew apple, and Japanese wineberry with scientific names and explanations of the complexities of their classification, evolution, growth and reproductive habits.
Since the implementation of our programme will take place in the face of the economic downturn, we will have to act prudently - no wastage, no rollovers of funds - every cent must be spent wisely and fruitfully," he said.
This contract comes at a perfect time for us and gives us the opportunity to contribute positively and fruitfully to the development of Jeddah skyline.
Results) The authors derive a series of fourteen suggestions that might help to guide and more fruitfully engage academics in their work.
Unfortunately, Pakistan is condemned to a feudal / dynastic brand of democracy, which will never allow the likes of Jinnah, Musharraf or Shaukat Aziz to lead Pakistan effectively and fruitfully.
Sheldon gets fired and decides that he is going to spend his time more fruitfully exploring life beyond physics.
The cross-party committee urged the DWP to review records of its prosecutions to learn more about which cases can fruitfully be pursued in court.
The cross-party committee urged the DWPto review records of its prosecutions to learn more about which cases can fruitfully be pursued in court.