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Morning Mist & Mellow Fruitfulness by Nigel McCall won the Bountiful Earth category
Welcome in Autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness - and food festivals.
He said that the meeting assessed the FPM's latest protesting moves that proved fruitfulness, according to him.
Also, I love knowing that pomegranate symbolises prosperity, fruitfulness and abundance.
In the village of Thornditch, the annual Stag Chase dates back to the middle ages and earlier, back to a time when the Stag Boy was hunted by human 'hounds' as a blood sacrifice to restore health and fruitfulness to the land.
Warkworth and District Flower Club, demonstration, Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, by Vivien Bolton, Warkworth Memorial Hall, 7.
Speaking of The Fruitfulness of Marriage it states, ".
He went on to point out that the fruitfulness of the active diplomatic endeavors exerted by Eritrea in a bid to put an end to the unjust UN sanctions against Eritrea, the continuing external hostile acts and the smear campaigns thereof has become a cause of worries on the part of the enemy quarters.
As a part of the festive atmosphere of the event, each guest received at the entrance a traditional Bulgarian Martenitsa--a symbol of health, happiness and fruitfulness.
She brings fresh insight into the intimacy and fruitfulness that result from a deeper walk with God.
A spokesman for Trinchero Family Estates noted that the clone has some of the most reliable fruitfulness and distinctiveness of all Chardonnay clones.
Some of the topics include sacramental marriage as a testimony of faith in a secular world, the Christian family as a domestic church, living marriage and "doing" the trinity, loving one's partner as God loves God, love and patience, strangers in communion, the beloved remains the Other, marriage as a sacrament for the road, how marriage makes you more like God, the many fruitfulness of conjugal love, how one can salvage a relationship, a gift for life, mystery within the mundane, time and marriage, the art of growing old, and stick-ability.