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A few nights ago your humble correspondent was fruitlessly applying herself to some research at the New York Public Library when a text came in from Congress for Jewish Culture Director Shane Baker.
THE SECRETS IN MY FAMILY W, 9pm A LOT of tears are shed in this genealogy show, as Alex Jones, right, does her best to comfort people who have been fruitlessly searching for relatives for years.
Breitbart, house organ of Steve Bannon's solipsistic revolution, fruitlessly dispatched two"reporters" to Alabama to sift through the women's lives for nuggets to shame them.
India has fruitlessly tried to financially and economically divert the Kashmiris from their freedom struggle, said Masood Khan.
Gruevski is fruitlessly trying to stay at the helm of the party unaware that the he is pulling it to the bottom.
The hosts failed to pose a threat in the field;, they fruitlessly relied on counter-attacks and limited chances.
I've fruitlessly contacted the site on behalf of two unhappy readers.
But, instead of fruitlessly banging our heads against Oscar's wall, we should realize that the way the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Ampas) is structured makes it inordinately difficult for us to get what we injudiciously desire.
There seems to be resignation in some quarters at the lack of activity, as apparently we've been linked, fruitlessly thus far, with over 60 players.
For half a century, scientists have fruitlessly hunted for traces of bridgmanite forged during powerful meteorite impacts that mimic the high temperatures and pressures deep inside Earth.
After fruitlessly searching for a prefab studio that "didn't feel like a camper," she and her husband, Dave, spotted a cottage for sale by builder Ward Hensill (bodegaportable
After her adoptive mother died, she decided to try to find her birth mother, Denise, but a gruelling 25-year search ended fruitlessly when Sara learned Denise had moved overseas to Jamaica in the 1970s.