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Although Hamm's desire to secure fruitlessness and undo meaning might be seen, in one sense, as an attempt to avoid the everyday and therefore to deny the burdens and responsibilities of leading a human life, such avoidance and denial are themselves, on Cavell's view, perfectly ordinary.
When the fruitlessness and expense of such legal action became apparent, A Native corporation leaders held a series of meetings on how to carry out the Section 7 (i) requirements.
In view of this and the fruitlessness of the adversarial approach to promotion and opposition that the media so enjoy and tend to encourage, may I suggest that Corlan Hafren should take a leaf from the Vatican's book and appoint one or more devil's advocates?
Summary: DIFFERENT political parties and revolutionary coalitions did well when they agreed not to take part in the 'one-million man' protest planned for today out of their belief of its fruitlessness and also to work on cooling the climate of the street in preparation for the presidential election.
A Vatican press release issued at the end of that meeting noted: "There was talk about the 'current fruitlessness of evangelization, ' including because of the presence of certain influences from modern culture that make the transmission of the faith particularly difficult.
43) Both passages describe Jesus approaching a fig tree, finding only leaves--because, according to Mark, "it was not the season for figs" (11:13)--and cursing the tree for its fruitlessness.
Regardless of the predispositions of Tolkien's heroes, they all seek the agenda of Good, but if the outcome of a hero's struggles is doomed to fruitlessness, why does he persist?
The Taliban leader added that the occupying foreign forces "are now under pressures from their people due to the growing and heavy military expenditures, casualties and the fruitlessness of the war".
Other foreign forces which have come here for occupation of our country under the American umbrella are now under pressures from their people due to the growing and heavy military expenditures, casualties and the fruitlessness of the war.
Actually, Zuniga's statement regarding Orellana is largely irrelevant to his argument, given that by the time of Ursua's expedition, the ultimate fruitlessness of Orellana's exploration was already well known: Orellana had perished in Manao territory in 1550, a decade prior to the maranones' departure.
Ephesians concisely asserts the fruitlessness of work and trumpets the rule of grace in Christ, "by whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins, according to his rich grace" (1:7).
Justice Scalia dissented because of the peculiar function of the Sentencing Commission, but with regard to whether grants of discretion to executive or judicial actors could ever be so vague as to violate the nondelegation doctrine, Justice Scalia was, if anything, more insistent than was the majority on the fruitlessness of the inquiry.