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99, Waitrose): A real peach with floral aromatics reminiscent of orange groves, it's fresh and fruity with summer berry flavours.
2014 The Best Vintage Cava Brut Morrisons You'll get fruity bubbles and a slightly dry flavour from this Spanish bottle, which goes well with snacks like olives, nuts and spicy meats.
Fruity Chutes is a manufacturer of parachute recovery systems for drones, UAVs, R/C aircraft, and rockets.
If you like those fruity sweet ciders this could be a shout for you.
My Fruity Faces are deliciously flavored All-Natural Edible Stickers designed for application to fruits and veggies to make them fun, exciting and engaging for kids
97 Fresh and very light with a good fruity flavour and lots of fizz that kept on bubbling.
erlenbacher's Strawberry-Buttermilk Triangles are a delectable combination of buttermilk cream and sponge, topped off with juicy strawberries and coated in a fruity cake glaze.
Delgadillo RED 2009 Napa Valley ($40): Fruity, ample and floral.
The olive oils are available in three varieties: Selezione Extra Virgin, described as "greenly fruity and well balanced;" Extra Virgin, "ripely fruity;" and 100% Pure olive oil, billed as "mild taste.
Elegant and fruity with heather, honey and pears leading to caramelised fruit and butterscotch, a dash of still water will increase the aromas and complement the flowery finish and notes of toasted oak.
Immune-boosting Wellmune WGP from Biothera, Eagan, MN, is a key ingredient in I Mune Nurture, a new all-natural fruity water beverage designed to strengthen the immune systems of children ages 2-5.
They found that, indeed, fruity flavor perception disappears from the palate earlier than oaky, floral and earth flavors perception.