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He urged Kashmiri people to remain cautious and united to frustrate all such plans of Indian occupied forces.
Mr Kenny launched an unprecedented attack on the Vatican in the Irish parliament, claiming that the probe exposed a dysfunctional, elite hierarchy determined to frustrate investigations.
This may frustrate a manager charged with getting the buy-in or enthusiastic participation from the troops, but it's a fact.
With the utter occupation of narrative forms by the culture industry, this otherwise fine show would have been improved by more attention to the differentiation between critique and cynicism, between those works that take as a given the voyeurism characteristic of mass media and the spectacle (Koester), those that inhabit this system critically from within (Burgin), and those that frustrate the given terms of this problematic for entirely new relations to the aesthetic and to the liberating forms narrative can take (Roberts, Dale, Smith).
But this lack of evidence didn't frustrate The Washington Post editorialists.
A tenant cannot frustrate the owner's ability to comply with the Code by simply refusing to work with a broker.