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In this sport you don't do one play right and you're going to end up frustrated, our thing is 'next play, next play.
I was frustrated with some of the decisions, which put you under a bit of pressure.
That was actually our best session of the game, but we walked off at tea a little bit frustrated.
was ms d r "But we gave Austria a bit of encouragement and rather than frustrate them, we frustrated ourselves.
Players are frustrated, supporters are frustrated, staff are frustrated.
FRUSTRATED Barry Robson will leave Teesside clutching two player of the year gongs but having missed out on the big prize he came for - the Premier League.
I am also frustrated by the lack of funding for the marketing of our sport to potential owners in emerging markets.
Any player who is not frustrated at not being in the team shouldn't be playing football.
Pop-up messages and noti f icat ions of sof tware updates frustrated one in five people.
Sidebottom was the frustrated bowler as De Villiers was reprieved en route to a score of 58, but he was unwilling to dwell for too long on the DRS issue.
The left-armer said: "We've seen a few edges not given but that's cricket - we do feel a bit aggrieved and frustrated but it's out of our hands and the authorities will sort it out.
Letters to the Editor: Confessions of a Frustrated Conservative" is the thoughts and ramblings of one Jon Michael Hubbard, a Vietnam veteran who has grown more frustrated with modern politics and society as time goes on.