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A couple of chances went down, which is frustrating, but you get days like this in Test cricket.
It's hugely disappointing and frustrating, but we're not out of it.
First, more-developed language skills allowed kids to ask for support from their parents during a frustrating situation (for instance, asking the mother whether she was finished with her work).
We were maybe a little too straight with the new ball and it's frustrating not to bowl them out.
Nottinghamshire seamer Ryan Sidebottom said: "I thought we stuck to our task well, it was very frustrating and we felt we deserved a few more wickets.
Though frustrating in its lack of introspection, it is worthwhile reading for those in the industry who believe they are the only ones with bosses who are incompetent, don't understand, or lacking the informal authority to make things happen.
This frustrating annual rite apparently serves to remind us all that we live at the mercy of the nation's road-builders who, according to author Alex Kerr (Dogs and Demons), are perhaps the largest and most entrenched part of what he terms the "construction state.
He'd be the first to say it has been extremely frustrating.
It can just be so frustrating," says Dale Hayes, the vice president of corporate development and the head of e-commerce for United Parcel Service.
Despite these qualities, however, I found this book highly disturbing and frustrating.
They are, in fact, patients perceived as frustrating and difficult to treat, often because of their manipulative demands and ambiguous physical complaints.
It also prevents a tenant from frustrating an owner's ability to promptly recover an apartment for the owner's use by delaying the offer for alternative housing.