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He added that the recovery remains "uneven" and while "frustratingly slow",
The frustratingly unresolved debate erupted again this week with the release of a $24 million U.N.
Magilton has been trying to keep Ipswich in the play-off frame but, despite a decent amount of cash backing, his team has fallen frustratingly short..
Frustratingly, it's buried deep in its own ejecta, the so-called Homunculus Nebula (at right).
It is impossible to understand the frustratingly complex situation in Iraq without factoring in the role of simple human greed.
"Passing Over": Neither remembered nor forgotten / but remembered and forgotten / with an uncanny simultaneity, / an image chosen at random / from the constant course of a life / or an image smuggled in, / stolen from the life of another, / takes on an inordinate weight, / an illegitimate density, / frustratingly conditional / in the context of a poem / that claims nothing for itself / and everything for the image / it is compelled to withhold.
Frustratingly for Yeovil, the free-kick was awarded against Terrell Forbes despite the defender not making contact with Parker.
Prospect readers should take heart in the knowledge that we are, indeed, doing our part for the cause: Two of our co-founders, Paul Starr and Robert Reich, made the cut, though, frustratingly, editors Robert Kuttner, Harold Meyerson, and Michael Tomasky all got snubbed.
Wysocki cautioned that humans are (frustratingly) not so easily manipulated by smell.
He seems to lean toward the pro-choice side, but he is frustratingly indirect, stating only that "the social experiment with physician-assisted suicide in Oregon has been conducted thoughtfully and with careful oversight" and that he supports the state's rights against the attempted interventions of Attorneys General John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.
Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City has delivered a frustratingly inconclusive report that raises more questions than it answers.