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But while some essays are substantial and convincing, the book as a whole is both amateurish and fuddled, vaguely connected.
Islamic expansion is partly a protest movement against Western culture which strict Muslims may see as driven by commerce, soaked in sex, fuddled by drugs and crippled by crime.
I heard in my fuddled head a line from The Wild Bunch when a critically injured gunman begs his outlaw gang to "Finish it.
In electing to leave it unstaged and recorded, instead, in the inebriated Borachio's narrative, Shakespeare has been accused by one quizzical critic of forgoing "a transparent record of the event for a fuddled divagation.
Yet people are fuddled about what "the truth" means.
Going down to get a detective novel because he cannot sleep, he discovers Simon fuddled with drink and "frightful in fear" (CS 464).
When Smith published an unsympathetic 1947 review of Tate's A Southern Vanguard, Brooks assured Tate that Smith was nothing more than "a nice boy, badly fuddled and confused" (p.
It was not as the flowers, each soft Spring recurrent; it was not as His Spirit in the mouths and fuddled eyes of the eleven apostles; it was as His flesh: ours.
Within seven years of claiming the most prestigious literary prize in the world, after a long fight against depression and physical decline, after hospitalization at the Mayo Clinic and electroshock therapy that fuddled his memory, Hemingway himself would be dead by his own hand.
Veterinarians may at last have found the cause of a mysterious and sometimes fatal disorder that turns big birds into fuddled wrecks with an odd stance, a goofy walk, and a tendency to shake their heads.
The chapter also harbors an utterly fuddled discussion of the Efficient Market Theory.