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Business Management Graduate Sarah Bunton, 26, of Sarah Bunton Luxury Chocolates at Devil's Bridge near Aberystwyth, developed a new range of handmade, soft fudge for 2013 at her mum, Anne's suggestion, and it is going down a storm with customers.
The company's All Butter Fudge has struck gold in this year's Great Taste Awards.
A CONFECTIONERY business has secured its first export order to Japan for its handmade Welsh fudge.
Ms Bunton said: "It was mam's idea that we start making fudge and it has really taken off.
These mouth-watering fruit fudges are available in a multitude of different flavours including lemon and lime, strawberry, mango and the very bold tomato.
Food producers can easily incorporate these fruit fudge inclusions into ice cream and allow consumers to indulge in fruity taste sensations coupled with the nostalgic flavour of yesteryear.
Her artistic skills do show in the displays and she is an excellent fudge maker.
Marina Castle sent along several tried and true recipes that are a little different than the usual fudge - and two of her creations - Mexican Orange Fudge and Divinity Fudge - follow.
Fudges have undergone a major review of their corporate identity.
As Fudge noted just after his talk, translationhas recently taken a sharp turn away from most of its history.
Tomato flavoured fudge on its own may seem audacious but when blended with vanilla ice-cream and Pecan Deluxe's cheese sponge cake pieces the creation is simply inspirational as a 'side salad'--the perfect accompaniment to any meal.