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The court emphasized the distinction between the fugacious nature of oil and gas and the solid character of limestone and found that, unlike oil and gas, limestone was included in the term land under the tax code.
Young, who, in his estimate of human life, promised, as he had given the dark, so, in a future publication, he would display the bright side of his subject; he never did it, for he had found out that it had no bright side, and Johnson had much the same discovery, and that in this state of our existence all our enjoyments are fugacious, and permanent felicity is unattainable.
Transitory, illusory and fugacious, the oil-portrait reveals that the essence of cinema is mobility, and therefore a dependence on a disappearing resource.
rules typically applied to fugacious (mobile) resources such as fish and
began demanding the same amount of time to find the fugacious WMDs as it