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In the Dublin spiritual notes and poetry, interrogatives render knowing an imperilled or fugacious activity, one that undermines "the authority of meaning" and speaker, and makes Hopkins ' ultimate Authority an even more remote figure.
Le sourire," Muir writes, "est la seule presence": ineffable, ambiguous, fugacious.
Most species of Megalastrum are non-indusiate or have a minute, hair like, and fugacious indusium; in the Andean countries, only four species have a well-developed circular indusium (M.
In place of the sentimentality one might expect from such work, each of the five series envisions this fugacious temporal zone as a banal dreamscape of nonplaces and nonevents.
rules typically applied to fugacious (mobile) resources such as fish and
3 mm long, 2- or 3-celled, spreading; indusia fugacious, minute, consisting of a few hair-like scales, often covered by sporangia and apparently absent; spores cristate.