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It then deals with the fugacity approach and the conventional approach to mass transfer, and describes individual mass transfer processes and the flux equations required for a quantitative expression.
The method is based on different ingredient fugacity (different boiling temperature).
This conception comes closer to the transgressive nature of modern arts, which desacralizes the work of art as masterpiece and proposed, for example, the fugacity of installations and aesthetic interventions.
2004, Pressure, temperature and oxygen fugacity conditions of calcalkaline granitoids, Eastern Desert of Egypt, and tectonic implications, J.
Yuan, H, Little, JC, Marand, E, Liu, Z, "Using Fugacity to Predict Volatile Emissions from Layered Materials with a Clay/Polymer Diffusion Barrier.
H] in the single-phase Pd-H solid solution and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are the fugacity and pressure of hydrogen in the equilibrium gas; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the fugacity coefficient.
Biser affirms that poetry and theology share the metaphorical dimension, but "poetry speaks in pictures owing to the fugacity of its subject matter, theology owing to its abundance" (cf.
Previous studies have examined pharmacy and hospital prescription rate data to assess the environmental risk of certain pharmaceutical products, fugacity models to predict concentrations and behaviors of pharmaceuticals in the environment and in sewage, and simulation methods to predict pharmaceutical distributions in European surface waters.
Hydrogen fugacity has been shown to have a pronounced effect on the solubilities and melting temperatures of chaleopyrite (Mavrogenes and Bodnar 1994).
The classic Western, set in the vanished era just before the closing of the frontier, is inherently elegiac, and focusing on the last stand of prairie paladins beyond their prime compounds the fugacity.
Though circumscribed by this limit, he produced the difference of the look, let to flow at random the stroke with a brush, marked in the fixed and rigid canvas, the perceptive fluidity, the fugacity of the tone and of the temperature of the light.