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(10,11) Nicotine and carbon monoxide have been shown to accelerate atherosclerosis, and if the ophthalmic branch of the internal carotid artery is involved, ocular ischemic episodes such as amaurosis fugax could result.
The ultimate outgroup for the molecular analyses was the diplurid spider Cethegus fugax (Simon, 1908), and an undescribed species of Prothe-menops Schwendinger, 1991 was also included in all analyses.
According to the classification, patients with >70% stenosis of the ICA and cerebrovascular episodes of stroke, transient ischemic attack, or amaurosis fugax prior to carotid artery examination were selected as symptomatic.
Patient's details regarding age, sex, address, occupation, complaints, evolution of symptoms, previous history of transient ischaemic attacks, amaurosis fugax, diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, drug intake, family history of vascular event, history of vascular risk factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, other form of tobacco use, high-risk behaviour and other addictions were obtained.
124,251, il testo del Satyricon leggerebbe: Orbe fugax Ditis petit implacabile regnum.
Other symptoms may include pulsatile tinnitus, transient blindness (amaurosis fugax), and partial Horner's syndrome.
A 67-year-old Caucasian male presented with recurrent episodes of amaurosis fugax, sharp pain in both temples, masticatory claudication, intermitting paresis of the right arm, and a positive right-sided Babinski sign.
The ocular symptoms included amaurosis fugax (22 cases), photophobia (5 cases), visual loss (24 cases), floaters (20 cases), metamorphopsia (3 cases), phosphenes (5 cases), diplopia (2 cases), and ocular/periorbital pain (7 cases).
The involvement of the retina may cause amaurosis fugax [56].
ex Steud 31 Polypogon fugax Nees ex Steud 32 Saccharum spontaneum L.
Arterial ischemic events include cerebrovascular accidents, acute coronary syndrome, and amaurosis fugax [3].