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BP today announced the creation of a strategic partnership between its BP Ventures and Air BP businesses with Fulcrum BioEnergy, a pioneer in the development and production of low-carbon jet fuel, in which BP will invest $30 million.
During the month-long training detachment, the Navy executed over 200 dedicated one-versus-one sorties against Fulcrums from the JG 73rd Fighter Wing home-based in Laage, Germany, and Eagles from the Florida Air National Guard (FANG).
Fulcrum, a new breed organization, fundamentally altered the professional service industry by integrating comprehensive workplace management services with intelligent business development and financial management tools.
Fulcrum will also serve as Conquer Credit's professional employer, assuming responsibility for the company's strategic and administrative human resource functions.
As part of this engagement Fulcrum will undertake a full organizational assessment designed to identify gaps within the organization.