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Summary: Kalaburagi (Karnataka) [India], Aug 29 (ANI): In a unique tradition, people of Bankur village here paint the Dodda Ganesh idol once their wishes are fulfilled.
Under Bersih 2.0's system, the ruling administration scored a total of 64 out of 176 points with six fulfilled promises, six partially fulfilled promises, eight promises in progress, eight barely fulfilled promises, 14 unfulfilled promises and two reversals/broken promises.
Speaking to Khaleej Times , Hamdan Al Ka'abi said that since the UAE chapter of the foundation was established in 2009 in Abu Dhabi, the charity has fulfilled almost 99 per cent of all the wishes it got from children who are fighting fatal illnesses.
Built on the foundation of an advanced fulfillment network, the SOUQ.com's Fulfilled by SOUQ offers benefits to sellers and consumers on the platform.
"Everything that's written in the plan needs to be fulfilled," Peskov added.
The boy's father Mohammed Raheemuddin said, "I am very grateful to the Hyderabad Police and the NGO the way they fulfilled the dream of my ailing son."
The angel Gabriel recalls God's previous promise to David in verse 32: "the Lord God will give to him the throne of his ancestor David." Then the promise is renewed and made again: "He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end." Promises are fulfilled and further promises are made.
Only 16 per cent of respondents described themselves as "very fulfilled".
Industries with the highest proportion of fulfilled workers included construction, farming, teaching, social work, hospitality and health, while below average scores were found in manufacturing, the public sector and financial services.
On this occasion, a cabinet meeting deliberated at length on the pledges fulfilled by the government.
So why can't the long-term unemployed have the same philosophy on life and try and find a job, for these long-term unemployed would then find life so satisfying and fulfilled. Rather than taKe the easier option of not worKing, they would hopefully find life so much more rewarding and happy, Knowing that they are in, oKay a small part, contributing to the economy.
Fulfilled: from the 2008 credit crisis and subsequent euro zone crisis onwards.