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Nine promises, six already fulfilled, all done within one year and a half of a six-year term
Interestingly, nearly four-fifths of respondents did not feel totally fulfilled.
The boy's father Mohammed Raheemuddin said, "I am very grateful to the Hyderabad Police and the NGO the way they fulfilled the dream of my ailing son.
The survey revealed the average worker is aged 42, earns PS29,000 a year, is occasionally confident, is more likely to rely on their employer to increase their fulfilment, and only feels moderately fulfilled in their professional life.
Some other pledges already fulfilled by the governments are the initiation of a meet-the-people program, tabling of the Right to Information Bill, starting the Nu2M annual grant to every gewog, cutting down on the government's wasteful expenditure and providing free electricity to rural homes.
A total of 47 of PM's promises are labeled as "unfulfilled", while 145 are either in the process of being fulfilled or lack a specific deadline.
Just 14% of people quizzed said they had achieved all of their dreams, while 44% have not fulfilled a single lifelong ambition.
On the other hand, I am quite sure that Turkey has fulfilled more membership criteria than most of 27 EU-states," he said.
It all started a few months back, when the word spread that wishes of settling abroad would be fulfilled if one offered a toy plane at the shrine.
A narrative of the things that have been fulfilled among us
The guaranty most favorable to the landlord requires delivery of vacant possession of the premises with all monetary and performance obligations fulfilled through the date of delivery of possession, including the restoration of the security deposit.
If for some reason these plans cannot be fulfilled, the plans are inaccurate or unreasonable, or fulfilling the plans involves inefficiencies, this feedback should be captured and available for corrective action as well as later analysis.