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The fashion of delving out fulfillments of prophecy where that prophecy consists of mere "ifs," trenches upon the absurd.
All this he observed with a terror which seemed not incompatible with the fulfillment of a natural expectation.
What do we know of the fulfillment of our dearest wishes?
The fulfillment thereof exalted her to dizzy realms of delight.
Every thing had been prepared, every thing had been sacrificed, to the fulfillment of one purpose--and how to attain that purpose was still the same impenetrable mystery to him which it had been from the first!
You KNOW I'd rather be your wife in our house of dreams and fulfillment than a queen in a palace.
Gilbert's answer was not in words; but I am afraid that both of them forgot poor Leslie speeding her lonely way across the fields to a house that was neither a palace nor the fulfillment of a dream.
Perhaps it was an impulse of uncon- scious loyalty, or the fulfillment of one of these ironic necessities that lurk in the facts of human existence.
The greater number of the young women, who envied Anna and had long been weary of hearing her called virtuous, rejoiced at the fulfillment of their predictions, and were only waiting for a decisive turn in public opinion to fall upon her with all the weight of their scorn.
The raising of ghosts or devils was a promise liberally accorded by my favourite authors, the fulfillment of which I most eagerly sought; and if my incantations were always unsuccessful, I attributed the failure rather to my own inexperience and mistake than to a want of skill or fidelity in my instructors.
Since its fulfillment had not come to them, they were going away to fulfill it for themselves and make the moving pictures come true.
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