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And Jesus is "about to fulfill his exodus in Jerusalem.
I want to thank Governor Pataki and the LMDC for working together with the City to fund this plan, which allows us to fulfill our commitment to improve this celebrated gateway to our City, and enables us to immediately begin realizing this vision as part of our larger commitment to redevelop Lower Manhattan, strengthen the financial district, and reconnect the area's diverse communities.
The notion of finding everything you've ever wanted in one person, whether a friend or lover, is a huge expectation for any person to ask for or fulfill.
In the following, an extrusion line is presented which fulfills the above mentioned requirements.
ensuring the performance of the company fulfills those values so that stakeholders' experiences of the company equal the identity claims (by managing the organisational performance)
Corel Offering Fulfills Full Spectrum of Requirements at One Affordable Price
From the cross Jesus puts the care of his mother into the hands of his beloved disciple, fulfills Scripture by stating that he is thirsty, declares "It is finished," and gives up his spirit.
com, in that the partner can define the search engines from which their small and medium businesses will receive customer leads, and in turn, TrafficLeader Express fulfills the program accordingly.
As Paul fulfills this calling, he will bear his own cross for Jesus' sake.
Candente's wholly owned Canariaco Copper Project, in Northern Peru, is considered an advanced stage exploration property and fulfills one of the listing requirements of the TSX.
IRG fulfills a dire need for smaller public companies," stated Nesbett, "by elevating the quality of their investor communications and amplifying their message to the Street with determination and consistency.
We believe that our online cash management strategy fulfills a need across a broad range of businesses," Langley continued.