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We are honored to be recognized so enthusiastically by AMP Agency and we're equally excited to grow our business and to collaborate with clients through all aspects of the creative process," stated Karen Macumber, President and Founder of Fulgent Media Group.
Fulgent Sun uses eco materials including recycled PET and rubber sole for Nike (U.
Works contract for the construction of a 101 bed nursing home in the town of Saint Fulgent.
To tap the domestic market in China, Fulgent Sun set up Laya Outdoor Product Co.
Moreover, Fulgent Sun has recently invested US$1 million to establish a design center in Italy in cooperation with La Sportiva, aiming to develop hoes mainly for the market in China.
While the media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, Fulgent remains completely media agnostic and pulls together the right media tools for each client's business challenge, whether interactive, traditional or a combination of both," said Karen Macumber, president, Fulgent.
Specifically, Fulgent is working with the following companies:
Fair Friend Group, Capxon Electronic, Fulgent Sun Group, and Kee Fresh & Safe Foodtech Co.
Fulgent Sun, a shoe maker and major contractor of Nike, plans to set up headquarters and a warehousing center in central Taiwan with combined investment of NT$630 million (US$21 million); and Kee, a food processor, plans to set up a food plant.
We are thrilled to have Geoffrey join our team because he shares our philosophy on how media can impact business," said Karen Macumber, President, Fulgent.
In addition, CareerEngine recently launched a multi-million dollar print, online and radio advertising campaign with Fulgent New Media, Inc.
AMEX:HLM) today announced that it has hired Fulgent New Media, Inc.