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of Cases Cystoscopic Fulguration (CF) 27 CF + Vesicostomy Closure 6 Vesicostomy 12 Table 10.
Both primary valve fulguration and diversion with fulguration significantly reduced the serum creatinine from initial presentation to that in follow up and mean value of serum creatinine was higher in diversion with fulguration group than in primary valve fulguration group both at the time of initial presentation and in the follow up but the difference was not significant.
Diverticular wall fulguration can lead to tissue damage,[sup][9],[10] and restenosis might still occur after balloon dilation and fistula catheter placement.
iii) Fulguration or transurethral resection would appear to be sufficient treatment.
Definitive surgery was performed in 15 cases Out of these; 11 patients under went open pyeloplasty in mean time of 6 months and 4 patients with posterior urethral valves initially underwent vesicostomy on 14th day and later posterior valve fulguration at 18 months.
H also returned for cystoscopic examination of his bladder 90 days following the fulguration of his bladder to assess for any cancer recurrence.
Zugleich musste einen Ubergang von einer potentia primitiva zu einer potentia supervenies erlauben, der geradeso wie alle Leibnizschen Dynamikkonzeptionen von der Fulguration oder Emanation bis zur potentia primitiva oder vis primitiva im Uberstieg zu den jeweils neuen Formen vom appetitus bis zum conatus genau diesen ontischen Bruckenschlag erlaubt.
Patient acceptance of laparoscopic tubal fulguration versus falope ring banding.
Other options for refractory pain include intravesical laser ablation, fulguration of bladder lesions, intravesical injections of botulinum toxin, and neuromodulation of the sacral or pudendal nerve via an implanted impulse generator.
Kalkwarf et al (19) used an electrosurgery instrument to produce "fulgurate on-type'" sparks during a study of hemorrhage control procedures, Electrosurgery fulguration provided hemorrhage control for an abraded oral wound in a mean of 13.
History obliterates even men's forgetfulness: that fulguration was dissolved instantaneously in the amorphous days of war, as the Second Regiment, moving up the line with the ambulance units, broke through the Russian front.
These procedures include arthroscopy, biopsy of the liver, biopsy of the prostate, cataract removal, central venous catheterization, colonoscopy, debridement of skin and other tissues, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic occlusion and fulguration of oviducts, spinal injection for myelography and/or computed tomography, and repair of inguinal hernia.