full assurance

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The summer morn had dawned upon them ere they could travel in full assurance that they held the right path.
And they want full assurance of the compatibility and the quality of the products they develop and of the products they buy.
This will give the consumer full assurance of product interoperability and compatibility.
The benefit of PSA to TOUCH Advance subscribers is that they will be charged realtime and will have the full assurance of their account balance.
IT organizations can now depend on Expand's solutions to eliminate costly WAN upgrades by increasing capacity of the current system by as much as 400%, with full assurance that Expand has the scalability and operational experience required to manage large-scale deployments.
Our close support enables our clients to get their sites up and running fast, with full assurance and peace of mind that we will be there to serve them from start to finish and beyond.
SMNC will manufacture and sell its products with the full assurance that the Chapter 11 Proceeding had no merit, and it is over.
This unique capability gives network managers the confidence to connect sensitive corporate resources to the Internet with full assurance that they are protected from attack by hackers or corporate spies.
Our partnership with GTCR provides Invenergy with the ability to offer industry participants full assurance that we can rapidly evaluate and complete transactions.
Argus' description of its policies and procedures together with the full assurance review report are available at www.
It is in this context, that the Iran nuclear accord--if it goes smoothly through the treacherous spin of the US Congressand their conservative counterparts in Iran, will be the crowing achievement of this Obama Doctrine, the articulation of a new mode of "smart power" that seeks to manipulate the existing propensities of power politics in the region without overcommitting US military force on the ground, with the full assurance that the threat of power is far more effective that the delivery of power.