full authority

See: permission
References in classic literature ?
It provides that he shall exercise the full authority of Warden, and shall have the disposal of the annual revenue attached to the office, until my return, or, failing that, until Bruno comes of age: and that he shall then hand over, to myself or to Bruno as the case may be, the Wardenship, the unspent revenue, and the contents of the Treasury, which are to be preserved, intact, under his guardianship.
With these words he sat down, and Mentor {20} who had been a friend of Ulysses, and had been left in charge of everything with full authority over the servants, rose to speak.
The purveyors of the Prince, who exercised on this and other occasions the full authority of royalty, had swept the country of all that could be collected which was esteemed fit for their master's table.
The government had given full authority to Rangers and law enforcement agencies to launch operation in Karachi without any discrimination.
In this connection the Chairman NAB has given full authority to Director General NAB Rawalpindi.
full authority to local bodies regarding utilization of funds
The principals also exercise control and full authority in the performance of work of the deployed workers, who work alongside regular employees .
June 14 (ANI): The White House is expected to grant Pentagon full authority to decide over the number of U.
GE Aviations all new GE9X engine for the Boeing 777X will feature full authority digital engine controls (FADEC) designed and produced by FADEC Alliance, a joint venture formed by FADEC International and GE.
Al-Zayed pointed out that government sides have full authority to assign overtime work to its employees according to certain mechanisms without affecting their rights or public interests, adding that the ceiling of overtime is determined by every government department every two years while preparing the general state budget.
The All Parties Conference was held and the government was given full authority, even the bitter pill of military courts was swallowed so terrorism could be controlled.
WASHINGTON, Jan 20 (KUNA) -- UN chief Ban Ki-moon expressed his grave concern on Tuesday about the deteriorating situation in Yemen, calling for an immediate end to all hostilities and the restoration of full authority to legitimate government institutions.