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When Tom Cronin noticed I was spending more time reading greens than reading books--my golf scores and grades were in full lock, all in the low 70s--he stayed clear of trying to knock sense into my head.
Even when attempting to follow a right angle in the track, the steering approaches full lock and stops until the white path has been reacquired by the sensors.
Listen out for a knocking noise on full lock from the front wheels as the bearings can be prone to wear out and the bodywork is well finished so badly repaired accident damage should stick out like a sore thumb.
Find a car park and turn the 25 on full lock, if it sounds like someone frying bacon and eggs then the ball bearings are knackered, not a particular weakness of the 25 but if the car you're looking at has worn bearings then this is the way to spot it.
On full lock the operator has a clear view of both the forks and the load, reducing product damage and "load cycle times.
Yes, you can make a moped face in the opposite direction by simply placing one foot on the ground and twisting the handlebars to full lock - hey presto, you're facing an angry and advancing stream of oncoming traffic.
They will not install a full lock because of the need to access areas in fire emergencies.