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We report a case of a full mouth rehabilitation of a 65 years old male, who had no medical problems and is not taking any medications.
Jain AR, Nallaswamy D, Ariga P, Philip JM (2013) Full mouth rehabilitation of a patient with mandibular implant screw retained Fp-3 prosthesis opposing maxillary acrylic removable over-denture.
Key Words: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), dental erosion, gastric reflux, full mouth rehabilitation.
Full mouth rehabilitation seeks to convert all unfavorable forces on teeth which invariably lead to periodontal conditions, into favorable forces which permit normal function and therefore induce healthy condition of the stomatognthic system.
On diagnostically acceptable radiographs, 1 point (-1) was deducted for errors present in each projection and 4 points (-4) were deducted for unacceptable projections for each full mouth series.
Many of our clients will opt for the pre - whitening hygiene treatment first, a full mouth stain removal detox that optimises the whitening process to give the best possible results.
dentures, crowns,bridges, full mouth implants restoration, etc.
In this six-moth course, participants performed detailed surgical procedures for bone expansion and sinus augmentation, full mouth reconstruction and dental implants.
Picking food out of teeth and talking with a full mouth completed the top 10.
Among the cases are combination syndrome, a fractured central incisor, full mouth rehabilitation with implant supported prostheses, and oral manifestations of methamphetamine abuse.
It has a rich, full mouth feel that is sweet with a touch of bitterness.
A medium brush is best for the purpose of a full mouth cleaning.