full observance

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At the same time, Petr Chekmarevfound that the volume of currently purchased fertilizers was inadequate, recalling that the increase in flax production, as well as improving the quality of flax fiber, is possible only with full observance of the technology insisted by the Ministry of Agriculture.
He rejected their aid and loan offers for 'interfering in our domestic affairs' through their calls for a stop to the drug war killings and for full observance of human rights.
There is an urgent need for a de-escalation of tensions, on all sides, and for full observance of international human rights law.
Furthermore, if Turkey is to join the EU, it has to have a properly functioning democracy with full observance of human rights.
It simply requests full observance of European legislation by non-European players offering their services in Europe.
I believe a gifted life such as the one I have been blessed with needs to be lived with full observance to aACAydharma', which is Sanskrit for the karmic obligation of a human soul to participate morally and ethically on the path of duty which brings wellness to humanity," said Kilachand.
It must be based on full observance of international law and the agreements reached by the governments of these countries," Lukashevich added.
Khalifa Maktoum, Director of the Public Health Department at the RAK Municipality, said the inspectors' working hours have been changed to ensure full observance of the markets round-the-clock.
Owner can prove sales and profit along with allowing full observance on-site during due diligence period leading up to Closing.
Even though a full observance of the Olympic Truce, meaning a cessation of hostilities during the Games, was not achieved, its spirit was definitely brought to life by a vast number of peace building and conflict prevention initiatives carried out worldwide, as well as by the exemplary behaviour shown by the athletes, spectators and volunteers," Mr.
Such a provision, which the Canadian side supports, would send a strong message also in the context of negotiations with other countries that the EU wants to ensure the full observance of standards set by the International Labour Organisation as part of its trade policy," Segol said.
The European Parliament welcomed the adoption of constitutional amendments as a step in the right direction, and urged their proper implementation with full observance of the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).