full of contempt

See: disdainful
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There are moments when the narrator is so unlikeable, so full of contempt, that the reading is almost painful.
TV pundit Graeme Souness was full of contempt for Gattuso .
Last week the Spaniard came under fire from Blackburn manager Sam Allardyce and Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, who accused him of being disrespectful and full of contempt.
They appeared to be full of contempt and thrived on crushing workers who had the audacity to fight for their livelihood.
And Geordie Georgie is a serial fund-raiser, always asking for sponsorship but full of contempt for the charities.
Writer-director Alexander Payne has fashioned a complex, knowing look at the vile impulses that lurk beneath the surface of seemingly nice people, but his movie is so mean-spirited and full of contempt for humanity that it largely becomes an exercise in hostility.
It was disbelief that a professional player could be so out of control, so full of contempt for an official that he could even think of it.
Connor is still full of contempt for the way the club was run during those dark days and is scathing of the behaviour of Cork City's last official boss Roddy Collins during the troubling times.
In contrast his Masters Of War sounded as full of contempt as it did 40 years ago and there was an upbeat version of 70s hit If Not For You.