full of faults

See: faulty
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For you must know that, though I am a very wicked Marionette full of faults, still I never have been, nor ever shall be, bribed.
He said that the IMF program signed by this government was full of faults and would do more harm than good to the country.
But what really fascinated me about Red Hill was that this guy is full of faults, so it felt like a prequel to John Wayne and Clint Eastwood--before they turned into badasses.
But while the man at the heart of this story is full of faults, Smithas storytelling is not.
It works in the same way as car MOTs; when they reach a certain age, they have to be checked over regularly just to make sure they're not lurching about the place, full of faults that make them a danger to themselves and others.
The expert turned in a 14-page report full of faults.
One couple paid pounds 4000 for a monoblock driveway by Homesmart but they have been left with a driveway full of faults and no steps to their front door.
Filthy in language, full of faults but ultimately a film which celebrates with enthusiasm the efforts of the two heroes to change their Welsh world.