full of fun

See: jocular
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But we were careless and happy and full of fun, and enjoyed every minute of the day.
The father is dead now, and she has a guardian, the best and kindest man in the world; he is rather old of course, and sometimes very quiet and grave, but sometimes when he is happy, he is full of fun, and then Evelyn is not afraid of him.
She was full of fun and made them laugh at all sorts of odd things.
The young are always full of fun," she said as if she were gloating over the idea.
through the operation; her eyes were full of fun as she looked at
THE young fellow accompanying the general was about twenty-eight, tall, and well built, with a handsome and clever face, and bright black eyes, full of fun and intelligence.
And to think that the surly brute was once an innocent puppy, all legs and head, full of fun and play, and burning with ambition to become a big, good dog and bark like mother.
He is quite a nice, harmless little man, pleasant to talk to, good-tempered, and full of fun ; but he thinks he is too old to begin to learn new and uncomfortable ways, and he has that horror of being made better by his wife that distinguishes so many righteous men, and is shared by the Man of Wrath, who persists in holding his glass in his left hand at meals, because if he did not (and I don't believe he particularly likes doing it) his relations might say that marriage has improved him, and thus drive the iron into his soul.
The garden is always immaculate but is full of fun plants and something always seems to shine out each time you pass.
Cheryl Williams, CEO of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, said: "Pixel is always full of fun and is a naturally inquisitive polar bear so he wanted to try out the plastic container.
Dublin Port Company chief Eamonn O'Reilly said: "This promises to be a great weekend full of fun and colour for all the family in a beautiful part of the city.
His former key worker Pam Jobling said: "He would be full of fun.