full of initiative

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Addressing the ceremony, Dr Mujahid Kamran said that Dr Nizam uddin was full of initiative and ideas while higher education sector in Punjab would improve under his dynamic leadership, he added.
Two young men full of initiative had approached the garage: could the garage afford to take them on?
He added: "The awards in the last two years have proved time and again that this society is full of initiative and enterprise and innovation, not just in pursuit of business but in pursuit of a better society in all kinds of ways.
Walking straight in and talking face to face shows you're confident and full of initiative.
Captain of the debating team, student union rep, set designer for the university play all show you to be enthusiastic, a self-starter and full of initiative.
He's brilliant, full of initiative and to be honest, one in a million,'' said Mr Kemp.
He's a man full of initiative and has a good sense of humour, which should help.
Patsy Freyne was full of initiative in midfield in that opening period for Cork but they started at a relaxed a pace and this enabled Bohs to settle into the game.
As the Chairman of the National Assembly, stakeholders agree that he has maintain the focus of leading a legislature that is focused, full of initiatives, people-oriented and sold to development.
Smart Dubai said its agenda is full of initiatives and plans to mark the Year of Giving.
But it should be remembered that my first concern is that Senegal has a strong private sector, full of initiatives creating employment and wealth.
But then the Government's new counter-terrorism strategy document, Contest 2, is full of initiatives that appear to be just a little late.