full of power

See: forcible
References in classic literature ?
She is only twenty-two years old, and is sinking already beneath the weight of her soul; a victim to highly-strung nerves, to an organization either too delicate or too full of power.
Mind you, Merc's Black Series AMG models tend to be packed full of power and feature supersporty suspension set-ups.
FEELINGS WHICH HAVE NO WORDS HE was caught in a mind-sweeping analysis Of himself, He, the careful, private person, presenting his Self-contained image to the world, Now aware and conscious of that which had never Been visible to the world before; Insecurity, loneliness, seeking, searching, being Driven by emotional need, He could barely understand the desire he felt for her, Sharing his life for the first time, with someone else So special; Filling with longing, an abstract drive, yet so full of power, Not for money, or success, or status, He wanted, no, he needed her; It wasn't just physical intimacy, it was more, things as Yet he didn't understand;
They do gorgeous justice to a body of dancers whose bodies have served as vessels for an aesthetic full of power and grace.