full of regret

See: remorseful
References in classic literature ?
His wife and daughters soon came home from hearing the address of an Oriental missionary, and were full of regret that papa had not heard, in the first instance, the interesting things which they tried to repeat to him.
"Yes, a fortnight since, and she died full of regret, which I could not chase from her mind; she kept repeating, even during the last night of her existence, 'Frances, you will be so lonely when I am gone, so friendless:' she wished too that she could have been buried in Switzerland, and it was I who persuaded her in her old age to leave the banks of Lake Leman, and to come, only as it seems to die, in this flat region of Flanders.
You had that impulse?" I cried, full of regret. "What a pity you did not obey it."
In Rome, along at first, you are full of regrets that Michelangelo died; but by and by, you only regret that you didn't see him do it.
But when both sides go over the brink, the tumble can leave each of them bruised, bleeding and full of regret.
"He told me he is full of regret and ashamed of what happened.
The Blues were full of regret after failing in their bid to become the first team to win the big European crown five times but they have the silver lining of a PRO14 semi-final this weekend.
Solicitor David Orr stressed that Love had no previous convictions and was full of regret and shame.
Marami naman siyang mga naging accomplishments kaya lang dahil sa report na it kaya nagkaroon ng problema (I am full of regret because he is a good officer and he was able to bring back the discipline among the police officers in Bacolod City.
''I will study the photo of every election, its quarrels, fisticuffs full of regret and suffering in my heart, because this is a party that I lead.
According to the judge, the conduct of Dola on the morning of the murder was full of regret.
You walk out full of regret, knowing that you did not rise to the challenge and wondering what you can do to prevent the next pivotal opportunity from slipping away.