full of regrets

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In Rome, along at first, you are full of regrets that Michelangelo died; but by and by, you only regret that you didn't see him do it.
His wife and daughters soon came home from hearing the address of an Oriental missionary, and were full of regret that papa had not heard, in the first instance, the interesting things which they tried to repeat to him.
Yes, a fortnight since, and she died full of regret, which I could not chase from her mind; she kept repeating, even during the last night of her existence, 'Frances, you will be so lonely when I am gone, so friendless:' she wished too that she could have been buried in Switzerland, and it was I who persuaded her in her old age to leave the banks of Lake Leman, and to come, only as it seems to die, in this flat region of Flanders.
THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY (Film4, Monday, 9pm) ALMOST 15 years after his breakout hit The Best Man, writerdirector Malcolm D Lee reunites the cast for this soapy comedy drama, full of regrets and recriminations set in the run-up to a Christmas gathering that none of the characters will ever forget.
Almost 15 years after his breakout hit The Best Man, writer-director Malcolm D Lee reunites the cast for this comedy drama full of regrets and recriminations, set in the run-up to a Christmas gathering that none of the characters will ever forget.
Life is full of regrets, and if I make it to Newmarket this year I will stand in the same place, think of Julian, and curse my own stupidity.
In that elemental, humbling moment, instantly full of regrets far deeper than the missed opportunity for a cross-country romp, it was clear that none of us, not a single living organism on this beach, would have any special dispensation with the heavens--or the sea.
But in the background, anxious to avoid the glare of publicity, are those connected to the killer for their lives must be full of regrets, doubts, shame and second-hand guilt.
In our job, you look forward - so many great players have left this club that you could be full of regrets.
he warning on the poster read: "Don't let a night full of promise turn into a morning full of regrets.
Can you tellmehowto focus And not let it fade away If I could see through your eyes And have the knowledge that you hold Not listened to the stories And the lies that Iwas told Then I could hold that beauty And a future I could see I could then believe in allmy dreams Every one that was taken from me I think and hope that your life is one of good reflection The childhood years that came andwent Youwere nurtured in the right direction Myworld was never filled with love All dreams and secrets taken I thought I should have had a life But sadly Iwas mistaken If you could see throughmy eyes Youwon''t see a sky of blue Although you try to listen The birds' song does not come through With a heart that''s full of sadness Andamind full of regrets Askmecan I see the beauty No I haven''t seen it yet
The book is a plea to all teenagers wasting their lives and the elderly full of regrets.