full of remorse

See: contrite
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"And, George," she said timidly, "you are as full of remorse as ever, aren't you?"
Now his whole soul was full of remorse that he had begun this conversation with Stepan Arkadyevitch.
Little Barbara was not of a wayward or capricious nature, and, being full of remorse, melted into tears.
These easily-ignited natures, if they are wise, are always full of remorse afterwards, when they reflect that they have been ten times as angry as they need have been.
Mr Robert Edwards, for Lucas, said his client realised that he had placed his firm in a difficult financial position, adding: "He is full of remorse."
If the person who carried this out is full of remorse and would like to get in touch with me via your newspaper, myself and my brothers would like to discuss the matter with him!
Yesterday Dryden's lifelong friend Alex Watson, who was leader of the now defunct Derwentside District Council who Mr Collinson worked for, told how when he visited him just weeks ago and could tell he was full of remorse.
A sobbing Kylie is full of remorse and explains her drug addiction got the better of her but that she's finally kicked the habit.
Matthew Corbett-Jones, defending, said that he was truly sorry and was full of remorse.
Charnjit Jutla defending said Khan was full of remorse and was determined to pay back all the money he had taken from his victims.
His lawyer said his client was full of remorse and the incident was out of character.
Robinson, who is hoping by imposing their own punishment his club have averted the threat of further action by the governing body, says Greenshields was full of remorse and that all his players have been reminded of the pitfalls of using Twitter.