full of sin

See: diabolic
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Bahrainis who do not know much about Juffair will read this and get the impression that it is an area full of sin, fuelled by "Europeans and Americans who are used to this kind of extreme nightlife".
Israel is full of crime, just as a person is full of sin, as the Torah says.
Ricky Sinclair knows that today's world is full of sin.
Power, possessions, is what it seems Where is faith, hope, love, our dreams No person can win in this world full of sin With greed, hatred and violence therein.
If you take the definition of "sin" as a "shameful offense," then it could be argued that NCLB is full of sin because it has proved itself to be an offense against good education.
Although four of the five productions clock in at under 40 minutes, none of the thematic thump will be lost in a programme full of sin, damnation and sacrilege, the centrepiece of which is Kurt Weill's sung ballet The Seven Deadly Sins.
Who else would base a story around the fates of two boys abused at a Catholic school in the 1960s and feature a priest full of sin who becomes a victim himself?
Luther said of himself, "I am dust and ashes and full of sin.
As a religious Jew, Bean, 24, now finds herself singing verses like "My life was full of sin, Jesus washed my soul within.
The world was full of sin, and paganism had not given up the struggle to survive.