full of spite

See: malevolent
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Honest Tyckelaer, with a heart full of spite and malice, and with no particular plan settled in his mind, was one of the foremost, being paraded about by the Orange party like a hero of probity, national honour, and Christian charity.
Educated' people waste their energies in egotistic gang-fighting over 'property,' are steeped in crime, human rights violations and all the seven deadly sins; they are full of spite and deceit, derangement and violence.
Kids can be cruel little creatures and the seven-year-olds - joyously played by adult actors - at the heart of this story set in the Forest of Dean one summer's afternoon in 1943 are full of spite and fight.
Peter's Heat interview was so full of spite that it is saddening.
Holding grudges and being full of spite and hate can lead to anxiety, chronic pain, and more, and in order to combat these elements, one must open their mind and heart in order to focus on what's truly important--their health and their recovery.
It was always going to be a game of patience between England and Chanderpaul on a pitch full of spite and bounce and the Guyanese left-hander's innings was a classic example of skill in how to deal with the conditions.
The Kauravas, who to all appearances held the upper hand, were finally vanquished since they were arrogant, cruel, jealous and full of spite.
Q HOW do you deal with an ex who is so full of spite that she is ruining not only my life and that of my new partner, but her own kids?
The British press is often accused of being full of spite, bile and poison.
With their side cruising into the fifth round, a precious moment of light relief - provided thanks to humour from a crowd that was supposed to be full of spite.