full of urgency

See: hortative
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Whatever was said in the home dressing room clearly made an impact as Benfield looked full of urgency in the opening moments of the second half.
Tracks such as Rebel Without a Pause and 911 is a Joke were fired out, given extra weight with the live guitars and drums bolstering DJ Lord's 1210s, while Welcome to the Terrordome has never sounded so dense and full of urgency.
"That's what makes this story so emotionally compelling: Joe is an incredibly endearing narrator, full of urgency and radiant candor.
Tracks such as Ichiban and Parker are full of urgency and youthful bombast, disguised as brattiness in the vein of Coachwhips and Times New Viking.
Full of energy, full of urgency and very tuneful actually.
Full of urgency and prepared to burst forward on the right.
United steamrollered Premiership rivals Charlton in a first-half display full of urgency at St James' Park on Saturday, with the Magpies going on to win 3-1, and Speed wants the same again.
performance full of urgency and effort.Attendance: 7,722.
The opening couple of chapters are apocalyptic, full of urgency about the state of our environment.