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de Boville, who, from having been an inspector of prisons, was promoted to a high office in the police; and the latter begged for two days time to ascertain exactly who would be most likely to give him full particulars.
Then he had recourse to the most celebrated physicians in the other large towns, but finding that the task was beyond their science, he finally sent messengers into the other neighbouring states, with a memorandum containing full particulars of the princess's madness, offering at the same time to pay the expenses of any physician who would come and see for himself, and a handsome reward to the one who should cure her.
This was quite enough to induce him to take the road to Cashmere, and to inquire at the first inn at which he lodged in the capital the full particulars of the story.
He made no mention of the way in which he had employed himself; merely informing Newman that a letter addressed to him under his assumed name at the Post Office, Portsmouth, would readily find him, and entreating that worthy friend to write full particulars of the situation of his mother and sister, and an account of all the grand things that Ralph Nickleby had done for them since his departure from London.
Fairlie that Anne Catherick (of whom he might hear full particulars from Miss Halcombe when she reached Limmeridge) had been traced and recovered in the neighbourhood of Blackwater Park, and had been for the second time placed under the charge of the medical man from whose custody she had once escaped.
Having got them I let my man go, but I wired full particulars to Forbes this morning.
S) giving full particulars of their firm including its Annual Returns, Profits loss statement, staff employed with their qualification & experience and the list of works of similar nature of not less than 380KVA during the last 3 financial years,
The heads of educational institutions will submit an online list with full particulars of the registered students which the board administration will go through that will help errorless documentation.
Those who want to purchase the chip are required to submit full particulars about their person, details of bank account and other information.
White, 25, of Ninth Row, Ashington, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and failing to disclose full particulars of his driving history while obtaining insurance.
So long as you have disclosed full particulars in respect of the subsidy received, it cannot be said that you have concealed income or furnished inaccurate particulars of income.
The adoption by the Company of an Advance Notice Policy, full particulars of which are set out in the Circular, was approved.