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Rodriguez directs at full pelt from start to finish but his film runs out of dramatic steam by the end of the first hour, leaving the majority of the overblown action to his feisty, gravity-defying heroine.
Superbad is a fitfully amusing cautionary tale that ricochets at full pelt between gross-out humour and touching self-reflection.
Well in the Spanish Third Division match between Puerto de Motril and Panaderia Ruiz, referee Perez Lopez gave the home side a dubious penalty, so a fan leapt in his car and drove full pelt on to the pitch towards the man in black.
I am rushing to catch up with daughter and her daughter in Monsoon when I run full pelt into a woman coming out through the in door - if you see what I mean.
When you are as quick as Bale is, when running at full pelt, you are going to go down whether you are clumped by a full-blooded tackle or just clipped.
The Bitter Together Labour Tory alliance was going full pelt.
Suppose one of them got an injury that kept them out for three weeks, it wouldn't take him long to get back to full pelt.
At the point of the race where it happened it wasn't as dangerous as it could have been because they weren't at full pelt so they kept control much easier.
We have played three matches at full pelt in a short time and the effort they put in against Ipswich was superb," said Jones.
Vitoria SC chief Manuel Cajuda told his troops to train at a high tempo but soon regretted it when a player crashed into him at full pelt on the sidelines.
Buy this record and listen to it alone with the lights down and the volume at full pelt and you'll feel a whole lot better than you did an hour previously.
THE Community Shield is a betting minefield because neither team is likely to be playing at full pelt in the run-up to the big kick-off next week.