full stop

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Islamabad [Pakistan], Dec 6 ( ANI ): Pakistan has offered conditional support to help to put a full stop to the cross-border attacks in Kabul by the militants using the Pakistani territory.
And then, if an abbreviation consists of only the primary part of a word, then again one affixes a full stop at the end.
He used to say the full stop bit when telling the story, as he often did.
Full stops, commas, and even exclamation marks can sometimes be difficult to handle and we often hesitate when it comes to using an apostrophe.
In Mofolo's case the challenge for the translator is: (a) the extent to which he prefers to use consecutive semicolons interspersed with commas instead of a full stop; (b) the relatively consistent way in which he does so right through the novel; and (c) the fact that the translator might prefer to break the semicolons up into sentences because, in her/his view, a new thought is introduced and might warrant a fuller break; or in her/his interpretation of the TL and its conventions of punctuation, a full stop would be more appropriate--whereas the extensive succession of semicolons could come across as either long-winded or even awkward in the TL.
Yet I always see people taking the right turn on red if the pedestrian isn't crossing directly in front of them, and mostly they haven't come to a full stop before making the turn.
Each double page spread shows Little Full Stop on his journey.
com)-- Independent e-book publisher Full Stop marks its successful first year of creating, publishing, and selling digital SLR camera guides and photography e-books.
After the Liverpool One project finished, there appeared to be a full stop to work on building in Liverpool.
Full Stop has recently won the silver award during the Dubai Lynx Advertising Awards 2010 for Best Use of Ambient Media.
The business, with its headquarters in Newport, has pledged to raise pounds 100,000 for the NSPCC Full Stop Appeal over 10 years.
The vehicle is equipped with 'i stop' technology that cuts out the engine at a full stop to save fuel.