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So, again, I was told that the foals of cart and race-horses differed as much as the full-grown animals; and this surprised me greatly, as I think it probable that the difference between these two breeds has been wholly caused by selection under domestication; but having had careful measurements made of the dam and of a three-days old colt of a race and heavy cart-horse, I find that the colts have by no means acquired their full amount of proportional difference.
Martens shot an ostrich; and I looked at it, forgetting at the moment, in the most unaccountable manner, the whole subject of the Petises, and thought it was a not full-grown bird of the common sort.
I had seen that the eggs were in the process of hatching, and as I stood watching the hideous little monsters break from their shells I failed to note the approach of a score of full-grown Martians from behind me.
When he checked the car he found a full-grown man in the driver's seat - and a naked boy beside him.
The last two photos showed her with a full-grown tummy.
The vehicle has four doors and accommodates four full-grown adults with ample legroom.
It is known that the variations in the proportion of sugars in dates can be attributed to several factors, including the method of care for palm trees, the cultivation area, climatic conditions at harvest time, the full-grown stage and finally the storage conditions - especially temperature and relative humidity, in addition to the method of sample analysis and accuracy of outcomes," he said.
The bag comes in at a whopping 550kg -- the combined weight of two full-grown Bengal Tigers -- and was certified by Guinness World Record officials on the second day of the event.
The authors of the study added that this invertebrate was extremely tough as it was very difficult to kill a full-grown Scolopendra and therefore, they could not dismiss the possibility that the snake had swallowed the centipede alive, and that, paradoxically, the prey had eaten its way through the snake, almost reaching for its freedom.
I then purchased two full-grown hens and a rooster to help create a family flock.
But most of these studies have failed to include coyote predation of full-grown deer in their findings.
The body of the female full-grown rhino was found at Kukurkata near Kathalchang forest camp in Burapahar range today.