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An essay on Fuller as scientist-artist, by Whitney associate curator Dana Miller, is more illuminating about the man himself, showing how much of Fuller's secret was his gift for friendship.
Fuller makes a tremendous leap with the assumption that power is the only factor which contributes to failing to treat people with dignity.
I thought it (Building Habitat) was an excellent name," Fuller said.
A Memphis company tracks the prices of all of Fuller & Son's major competitors so that the company can assure its prices are just as low.
Fuller pointed out that this type of cooperative fiber raw material research has been successful in the past.
Fuller didn't have modern technology or a big budget, so he had to make do with his memories, which gave him details that lend ``The Big Red One'' an always engaging authenticity.
There's no learning curve," says Fuller about his former company's track record with Inco.
Fuller and Holland maintain that being gay hasn't held them back in any way.
Fuller weaves two suppositions throughout his study.
Fuller and Moog were Americans of a particular era and ethos, symbols of their country's postwar reverence for technology while intellectually engaged with the fallout of European modernism (for Fuller, the International Style; for Moog, Varese, Stockhausen, and Xenakis).
Craig Fuller, onetime aide to President Ronald Reagan and Vice President George Bush, on November 1, 1999, succeeded Ron Ziegler as president and chief executive officer of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.