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Instead, it essentially is a simple test to determine the airplane's controllability if stall recovery is delayed, not its ability to recover from a fully developed spin.
A fully developed starter Adult website that provides focused direct turnkey access to e-commerce opportunities on a number of levels.
It is expected that the port will enhance the economy of the war torn country once it is fully developed, where as competing with other regional sea ports like Mombasa in Kenya and Djibouti in the neighboring Djibouti.
Summary: A cute premature donkey foal in Shropshire has had its legs put in casts as they are not yet fully developed.
After years of conversations about the sixteen "Basic Characteristics of a Fully Developed Honors Program" (adopted in 1994), NCHC has added a new Basic Characteristic to the arsenal of the honors dean, director, or coordinator seeking to demonstrate that a particular institution's honors program or honors college complies with NCHC's "best practices" documents.
Between intense firefights with your enemy, the cut scenes slowly reveal a deep relationship between Fenix and Dom that isn't fully developed in the game's short story line.
FTS is generally available for SB/SE cases if (1) the issues are fully developed, (2) the taxpayer has stated a position in writing or filed a small-case request and (3) there are a limited number of unagreed issues.
DAE University, which will provide a wide range of academic degrees and apprenticeship programs, will be fully developed by 2015.
He also suggested that the canon law of each church "could be more fully developed to enhance communion" and also to "define inter-Anglican relations, and treat inter-Anglican conflict.
Although the introductions were enticing, I did find myself disappointed that many of the stories did not appear fully developed, leaving me longing for a little more plot before being hit with an inevitably twisted ending.
People's brains aren't fully developed until they're in their twenties.
The strategy to secure the FTAA Secretariat works well with the Trinidad and Tobago government's Vision 2020 initiative, a progressive plan to make the islands a fully developed nation by the year 2020.

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