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Goodness knows what size their feet will be by the time they are fully grown.
Both the church and sauna are the centrepieces of courtyards with large wooden trellises and mature trees, transported fully grown to the site.
The young birds are fully grown and have joined the adults in roaming "packs".
You will have 206 bones when you body is fully grown.
His building with its massive stripped down forms the four glass towers, the immense bare podium built around a rectangular hole six storeys deep and containing a fully grown Normandy forest expresses grandeur, monumentality, and presidential ambition.
Envision the tree fully grown, and make sure that you have enough space above and below ground for it to grow to its full potential (check especially for utility and power lines).
Although half the size of a fully grown human, Alien Hominid has the uncanny ability to cause mayhem and destruction wherever he goes.
Eight of them were fully grown plants and around 100 were seedlings.
Fully grown, they will be sure to make crooks 'paws' for thought.
These are securely glued to hairs where the warmth of the scalp will hatch them out in seven to 10 days * Empty egg sacs are white and shiny and may be found further along the hair shaft as the hair grows out * Lice take six to 14 days to become fully grown, after which they are capable of reproduction * Head lice are not fussy about hair length or condition.
The male calf is less than a fortnight old, but already weighs 13 stone and could weigh as much as 2,700kg when fully grown.
It cannot be right for a fully grown adult to be able to hit a small child.

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