fully grown

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They are currently being kept separate from their future companion as until they are fully grown, the eight-inch-long adult might eat them.
When fully grown, the plant-eating creature - a type of hadrosaur - was about the same size as T rex, measuring some 30 feet and weighing around four tons.
By the time the frog is fully grown, it can find its way to its prey on the darkest night.
Stars emerge fully grown from their natal clouds of gas and dust.
FastForests owns the worldwide rights to the SupaTree, which grows 30 to 35 feet the first 12 months and is fully grown in nine years.
The beetles bore holes in the trees and lay their eggs; the larvae feed on the tree for several weeks before emerging fully grown to attack new trees.
Your body will have 206 bones when you are fully grown.
The only antidote is a fully grown rottweiler to serve as the boy's companion.
When the palms are fully grown, they will form a lush green canopy, providing shade and softening the waterfront edge, screening the undistinguished scrum of buildings behind.
The Laus would buy back the chickens, fully grown after 28 days, and sell them on as table birds.

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