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Censors may fulminate all they wish over the word 'indecency,' which is never precisely defined, but those who want to extend the Helms amendment to ban this mystific "indecency" on the air twenty-four hours a day cannot deny they are trying to censor art and socially relevant speech.
I can rant, fulminate and make wild assertions until the cows come home, but I still can't access the reasons why we go to Liverpool and get thumped season after season.
Or when his speechwriter makes him fulminate sourly against films he has never seen and hip-hop records he has never heard, and wouldn't recognize if they were blasted in his ear?
Farrakhan and Khalid Abdul Muhammad fulminate about white people, and they trash and vilify that most vulnerable segment of white America: the Jewish population.
In the same way as elected members regularly preach family values while doing their best to single-handedly boost the number of lone-parent families, or in the way they fulminate about the obesity epidemic from the blubberiest jowls this side of Billy Bunter, their hypocrisy when it comes to ecological concerns can be truly breath-taking.
The prosecutor said Copeland drew on The Terrorists' Handbook in early experiments to make "a proper bomb" using ammonium nitrate as explosive and mercury fulminate as a detonator.
3 billion profit as 'obscene' - you can take out your pocket calculator, as in the dear dead days when British Telecom made decent profits, and fulminate that it comes to pounds 1.
And short of an in-House bank, Congress loves nothing better than a good waste, fraud, and abuse hearing to fulminate about wasting the taxpayers' dollars.