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It is evil to be a scab, and therefore deserving of fulmination.
When some Bob Grant fulmination on WABC-AM would go on too long, my eyes would close so quickly that I had not even time to say to myself, "I'm falling asleep.
Only joking - his Christmas message is the usual fulmination, this time at that most dangerous and subversive of institutions, plodding Radio 4 soap The Archers, which apparently featured its first civil partnership earlier this month.
THERE IS MUCH empty fulmination coming out of Washington, D.
Check out the "pro-marriage" Web sites of the Family Research Council or the Alliance for Marriage or any other religious right organization and you will find plenty of fulmination against the social catastrophe looming if we allow gay couples to marry.
The journalist, who had been asked to comment on differences between the two Koreas, triggered the fulmination by replying that South Koreans are allowed to criticize their leader.
They get murdered amid much moralising and fulmination.
We have a barrage of negation and inhibition and fulmination concerning sabbath-breaking and the performance of godless rites and ceremonies.
Trump's fulmination about trade deals is a particularly worrying example of his intention to abandon long-standing American policies.
We will tear you brick by brick," Zardari thundered, but by the time the ink had dried on his fulmination he had scurried out of the country -- and has still not returned.
For all the fulmination in the British right-wing press about the country being overrun by immigrants from poorer EU countries, public support for EU membership in Britain is higher than it has been since 1991.