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The problem is that fulminations don't constitute a policy.
It is important not to take such comments as isolated fulminations of the BJP's loony fringe, but to point to the themes that keep recurring in them.
Reacting to Bilawal's fulminations the MQM announced its decision to pull out of the coalition government in Sindh.
The editors of Tablet have generously invited me to fill a few inches of their electronic space on a regular basis with ruminations, fulminations, and reports, according to my inclination.
President Erdogan has lost the respect of global markets due to his fulminations against a mythical "international interest rate lobby" and his repeated calls on the Ankara central bank to keep interest rates low despite chronic, near double digit inflation and a financial culture that has lost the discipline of a high savings rate.
But his rants against this country in the wake of a string of recent Taliban attacks in Afghanistan' capital city of Kabul are patently the fulminations of a man in jitters.
Yes, he was picking on his brother and, yes, he had picked on his brother all morning and, yes, this was the culmination of many edgy incidents already and, no, he hadn't paid the slightest attention to warnings and remonstrations and fulminations, and, yes, he had been snide and supercilious all day, and, yes, he had deliberately done exactly the thing he had specifically been warned not to do, for murky reasons, but still, I roared at him and grabbed him and terrified him and made him cower, and now there is a dark evil wriggle between us that makes me sit here with my hands over my face, ashamed to the bottom of my bones.
Nobody up 'ere takes any notice of his octogenarian fulminations, dismissing them (in his own words) as bunkum and balderdash, more likely to win votes for Labour than for his 1980s political paymasters.
That was the point where the Monarch of MY Glen put a sensibly restraining hand on my fulminations.
So far, the UK's recent social media fulminations appear to have done little more than boost both web traffic to clickbait media and the profile of a few liberal commentators.
The note of impatience in Congress's responses do not mean the party is looking for a showdown with SP, but indicates an increasing wariness about SP's likely action in the light of Yadav's fulminations.
The fulminations of the Shrewsbury and Atcham MP, who serves as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Secretary of State for Wales David Jones, caught the eye and ear of Speaker John Bercow who called order.